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  • An armchair, hands-off investment!

    Most of our valued clients live thousands of miles away from their investment, so it is critical that the day-to-day running of their investment is in safe hands via our dedicated Team on the ground that covers Tenant engagement through to periodical rental income increases to maximise upon your annual net returns

  • FREE! Warranty Deed Included

    A warranty deed is a type of deed where the grantor (seller) guarantees that he or she holds clear title to a piece of real estate and has a right to sell it to the grantee (buyer). This is in contrast to a quitclaim deed (QCD), where the seller does not guarantee that he or she holds title to a piece of real estate.” We at Electra deliver all our properties as ‘warranty deed’ meaning you can rest assured that there are no back taxes/liens or outstanding mortgages on the property and you can sell the property on, when you so wish, with no headaches or concerns.

  • FREE! We set up your LLC to ensure tax efficiency

    The advantages of buying a property under an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) are that it will provide you with a valid entity name to apply to the Government for a Tax Identification Number. Tax Identification Numbers are required to open Bank Accounts in the U.S. They are only issued to those residing in the U.S. or to those that have established a company here.  This process usually takes 24 hours to complete online.  An LLC will help assist you to reduce the amount of taxes you are susceptible to when you file your annual reports.

  • FREE! Closing costs for our first time clients

    All Title insurance and closing costs are borne by Electra regarding your first purchase of your portfolio as a thank you for choosing ourselves.

  • FREE! Refurbished so you don’t have to

    We thoroughly assess all acquisitions from the outset to ensure that if rehab works are required, they are fully undertaken by ourselves, thus delivering a property which allows for a smooth month-to-month investment with happy tenant as well as maximising upon your future capital growth.

  • FREE! We set up your US Bank Account

    You must be in the U.S. itself to set up a U.S. Bank Account, however, our client focused Team can deliver this service for you if you so wish. With a Bank of America Bank Account, you are in full control as to when, and how often, you wire monies to your local Bank Account should you wish to take advantage of currency fluctuations, for example.

  • FREE! Independently Inspected Reports

    It is crucial with all property investment, that any foreseeable minor/major rehab works are assessed and documented. At Electra, we DO NOT proceed with any acquisition unless we know the full extent of works that are required and then, carried out…….by Electra. Yes, by us. You will have a rehab-free investment delivered to you unlike some who deliver false sales prices and ROI’s to entice you, then leave you with a hefty rehab bill! We present these Reports that not only highlights works completed, but also showcase a substantial array of internal and external images to give you comfort in your new investment purchase.

  • Professionally managed in-house and on the ground

    Our Property Management Team are continuing to grow in strength based upon the quantity of properties and clients we are now working with. The single most important factor for an overseas real estate investor, is property management, and the single most important factor in successful property management is to take care of the Tenant. Taking care of the Tenant means listening and understanding their needs and issues on the first visit. If we take care of them, they take care of your property, simple as that. 

  • Over 50% of our clients are repeat buyers

    Our business model is organic growth. We call it The Electra Family. The reason being is that we have clients with a few properties and some with 20+ within their portfolio based upon their continued faith in our product and delivery. We rely on referrals, feedback and recommendations, because once we know you are happy with our all-encompassing approach, your positive conversations with like-minded Investors, leads to new clients being enrolled in to The Electra Family. We also reward such referrals as our way of saying thank you.

  • Unrivalled after-sales client care in the industry

    We proudly state this based upon our Client Testimonials placed within our website and marketing literature. We look after your investment and portfolio from outset, through to closing and thereafter. We are an ever-present presence in your evolving investment planning and goals and take great pleasure in meeting, and exceeding, your goals time and time again.

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